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About Me
Feel free to use the info & pics for advertising purposes.
     My pre-Jesus years were a marked by constant drug & alcohol abuse. I often slept under bridges, and sold my blood plasma for a drink & a bite to eat.
     In April of 1979, at the age of 21, I experienced the miracle of the born-again experience. My life was instantly changed, and I began a real relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • In 1983-1984 I attended Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.
  • From 1984-1988 I served as the Associate Pastor of Pryor Christian Center in Pryor, Oklahoma.
  • In 1989 my I pioneered a church in Titusvillle, Florida. Started with zero people (and nobody came until the fourth service). By 1998, we saw hundreds in our services, and over a thousand came to the Lord.
  • Since 1998 we have done traveling ministry full-time.

Those who have personally influenced me:

  • John Alley, the pastor who molded my character, gave me on-the-job ministry training, and taught me to lead by example.
  • Kenneth E. Hagin, taught me faith in God's Word.
  • Buddy & Pat Harrison, loved me & taught me to flow in the supernatural.
  • John Bevere, a friend who inspired me to press into my high calling & to walk in the authority of it.
  • Roberts Liardon, blew the limits of off my vision, and launched me into traveling ministry.
  • Sandy Brown, got me hooked on the grace & glory of God.
     I now travel the U.S. preaching faith, grace, & the kingdom of God. Using personal examples of faith adventures, self-deprecating humor, and a clear lifestyle example, I try to lead and encourage people to experience the Kingdom of Heaven in this life. My message is that God has given us all we need in Jesus Christ, and if we believe, we can enjoy every bit of it.
     Because I have an ability to relate to all types of people, I'm invited to many different kinds of groups, churches and organizations.